What Is Uzbekistan eVisa?


Uzbekistan eVisa is one kind of online licensing that allows people of eligible countries to enter Uzbekistan.

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Approved Nationalities

There are many available countries which are permitted for Uzbekistan eVisa application.

* You need to check the eligibility at Check Requirements.

Expiry day

* You need to see the detailed information at Visa Fee.

Visa Fee

Uzbekistan eVisa fee consists of 2 parts: Service fee and Government fee.

The service fee is charged for helping you to get Uzbekistan eVisa as fast as possible.

Government fee is charged by the policy of the Government of Uzbekistan.

* You need to check the detailed information at Visa Fee. 

Document requirements for Uzbekistan People eVisa

* You must see all the detailed information about Document Requirements.


Uzbekistan eVisa will bring you a more convenient trip.


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